السبت، 6 نوفمبر 2010

My short essay to The International Youth Leader Conferance 2010

By ,Omar M. Hawajri ( Palestine –Gaza Strip)

Since its inception in 1945, the United Nation has been motivated to promote peace, stability, mutual understanding and co-existence between countries. However, It’s not easy to achieve their objectives due the bias introduced in it by strongest nations. For example, one of the most challenging mission of the Council is the tackling of Israeli-Palestinian Conflict in the Middles East. to this end, the UN have been supported the Palestinian and it’s maintaining a central role in the region ,especially by providing continuous support for Palestinian Refuges via the United Nation Relief and Work Agency in the Near East ( UNRWA) and by providing platform for Palestinian political claims via the NU Division for the Palestinian Rights, the Special Committee to investigate the Israeli Practicing effecting the Human Rights of Palestinian and the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian people .Since then, the UN has been sponsored several peace negotiations and initiatives between the parties such as the Road Map for Peace 2002.

However, despite all United Nation’s efforts to promote peace ,the criticism raised toward UN and the Council has failure to achieve its long term goal in stability which made the region dangerous to live in and has forced many civilians citizens to flew because their approach in talking the on-going conflict and security threats between the parties was not specific and still dominated by the United States and whenever the Council takes a decision to blame Israel for their war crimes against humanity ,the resolution or decision could be simply canceled under the power of veto or even the resolution passed, it’s not implemented fairly.

For example, during the Cast Lead Operation on Gaza Strip in 2009.the UNSC passed resolutions to immediate stop the attack on Gaza but the SCR not implemented because Israel denied it .So, thousands of hundreds of civilians was killed without take caring of International law .Furthermore, the UN has been ignored numerous incidents planned by the Israeli Forces in the Occupied land such as the daily attack of settlers against civilians Palestinian in West Bank and Jerusalem and without even serious condemning their anti-humanity actions.

On the other hands, in March 2o1o, the SC passed three resolutions to compensate the Palestinian in Gaza for damage and loss incurred during the 2009 attack ,but the UN didn’t take care of it when the US opposed it and they support Israeli with their veto.

Finally, In my opinion, with all extraordinary efforts which made by UNSC to promote the peacefully conflict resolutions and to establish the direct talks and negotiations between parties ,there is a clear message that the UN always support only Israel and biased with them through undermine the SCR (242) and (138) against the right of Palestinian in Jerusalem ,Refuges and also Settlement. So, the Palestinian all over the world have been believing that UNSC have limited capacity to deal with political issues and the Palestinians will be always the viaticum’s of these on-going and systematic violence .however, they will always be hope to create the world peace and we shall be ,one day ,what we aspire to have better life without on-gonging conflict !!

الخميس، 14 أكتوبر 2010

Freedom Day !! 1st ,June ,2010

Today morning, I got up on the horrible news about the Freedom Flotilla Ships. I haven’t expected that Israeli Navy Forces will deal with them by this scary and bloody way. When I child I used to know that Israeli Authorities have the veto or the approval to kill any Palestinian people who wishes peace and freedom to Palestine even the innocent children as what they did in 2002 with Mohammad Dora’a. But to kill international activist who came to solidarity with our plight! Really, I can’t believe that. But it’s the truth !! as they kill Rachel Corrie,the American activist in 2004. And it’s the culture of Israel Authorities to deal with many humanitarian events in order to kill peaces process in the Middle East. So, they attack international activist and killed more 20 , and detained others without care about any International Law or any Human Rights Agreements .So, I still believe it’s much obviously that Israeli forces are terrorist and doing against humanity. However, there are many of Israeli people who have the culture of peace and brothers feeling , So, We, the Israeli - Palestinian youth can do allot to stop un humanity events and break the silence by carry peacefully international message and appeal to political community to enhance the principles of freedom, peace and justice in the Occupied Palestine and also to enhance the mutual understanding and co-existence with our brothers in the Israeli side by working for our Israel- Palestine which I always wishes to live like brothers. !!

الاثنين، 14 يونيو 2010

Freedom Day Press Release

Palestinian youth uprise against Israeli aggression on Freedom Flotilla

Gaza, May 31, 2010, We, the free Palestinian youth, with all political and social spectrum denounce military operations by Israeli Occupation army against Freedom Flotilla in international waters , which caused tens of civilian activist to be killed and wounded.

In a statement issued on Monday, the Palestinian youth has expressed grave concern due to ongoing military operations against international solidarity groups , stressing that is a flagrant war crime against civilians , whose perpetrators must be stopped ,condemned and punished.

Palestinian youth in Gaza, West Bank, diaspora and Palestinian occupied territories demand that Israeli occupation forces stop military operations and release all participants in the relief operations in solidarity with the besieged Gazans.

We stress that this uprising is a part of a series of actions against racist attitudes towards any peace or support process, and we hold Israeli accountable for all its aggressive actions.

We call on the international community to take serious steps against Israeli violations and suspend arms supply and military equipment being used by Israeli occupations army to kill people of different nationalities , and the Palestinians in particular.

We also call upon all freedom–loving people and supporters of justice in the world to protest and condemn this crime, and continue siege –breaking campaigns until the siege in broken.

We will not be silent, Now is the time to come out, it’s time to act, NOW

We are the Palestinian Youth.

الجمعة، 18 ديسمبر 2009

From Tent Life Springs

Walking through destruction area in Azebit Abed Rabo , we arrived to Mr.Majed Al- atamnaa house. He lives with his family consist of 8 members in simple and small house. His house was destructed by Israeli thanks during the last war on Gaza. and after that he had lived in a refugee camp, So he had suffered in winter when it rained as water comes through the holes inside tent.

Mr. Majed is unemployed since 2000, and the majority of his family are children and students. So his house was nominated to benefit from the project Re-build destructed houses, which implemented by UNRWA aids ,and cost more than 10,000$ . his house was the first house in Gaza which built by mud.

The main goal of the project is providing a suitable shelter for homeless people in this are, and also providing psychosocial and economical support to re-establish a sence of normalcy of the lives of people.

The project helps the family to live under the suitable protection from rain, sun and dangerous animals ."what have they done is improving my life ,right now I felt the benefits of this project when it rained," Said AL-atamnaa.

But the dream is not completed , Mr.Al atamnaa's house need more services and suitable furniture .He lives without children beds, clothes, Laundromat, fridge, blankets and school supplies. So he wishes the project to continue and serve all people in this area.

Mr.Al-atamnaa's case is one of more than 20 homeless families in this refugee who are lives without any basic needs and suitable shelter .So we call upon global public to work for peace and justice in Gaza.

الاثنين، 23 نوفمبر 2009

Here is two cases about our suffering under Gaza Siege, we actually still living under totally blockade imposed by Isareli occupation for more than 3 years..just we going to end it by peace and justice....we are still peace seekers

السبت، 21 نوفمبر 2009

Childhood is lost under Gaza siege

" How can I play without freedom ? how can I play with my case is forgotten ? I am a child of the gardens of Palestinian identity, I play with stones and I make wooden weapons . This is my childhood ! take it , It is a gift from me to you " a little girl said on the 20th anniversary of the adoption of the Convention on the Rights of the child.

So, November 19th marks the World Day for Prevention of Child Abuse, and November 20th marks The Universal Children's Day. So that , we strongly call upon the global public to work for justice ,peace ,dignity, freedom ,equality , tolerance and solidarity in Palestinian community.

Children have rights to life, play, learn, dream, healthcare and a decent future. However, Palestinian children have been living under strict siege for more than 3 years. they still suffering from ongoing and systematic violence, which effects on every aspects of their growth and development and pushed them towards armed conflicts. Also, they still working under unsafe conditions to make ends meet. In addition, they complaining from malnutrition and anemia resulting from 60 percent of the population living under poverty line according to UN.

On the other hands, collective punishment imposed by Israel against 1,5 million people, the majority of them children and adolescents, so hundreds of them killed or wounded, others, held in Israeli jails. And the rest of them have been suffering from the catastrophic impact of War Cast Lead.

Finally, in a few words, time of banners and posters are over ,we should break the silence , it is the time of real support for Palestinian children, so that I still believing that defending these rights demands real solidarity more than words. So I hope from CRC Committee and States Parties to the CRC to take appropriate measures for effective implementation of the CRC in

By,,, Omar Al- Hawajri
Social activist

الثلاثاء، 17 نوفمبر 2009

Youth Migration from Gaza

Every moment , the youth are thinking in migration from Gaza strip, Every day. When I meet youth in any activity they tell me they want to migrate outside of Gaza to any place ,I hear the youth want to migrate , I have many questions in my brain about youth migration from holy land .In fact the majority of youth are thinking to migrate because they are facing a big suffering and miserable conditions as unemployment ,Israeli occupation ,boring life and socioeconomical problems.

First , many of youth after graduations from their universities they stay without jobs for along time and they become depressed and they want to migrate to search for a job and a better life.

Second , every day, many of youth face internal violence and conflicts ,and suffer from Israeli occupation by killing and prisoning .Others become handicapped and the rest of them are forced to migrate.

Third , there aren’t place for interesting environment for youth expect the sea and Gaza Park and they became bored from visiting these places .Also every day is the same ,no changes for the better and there isn’t progress in the socioeconomical development.

Forth , they face poor socioeconomical conditions as the increase of the cost of every things and many youth stay unmarried due to these conditions.

Finally , how much I talk , you cant know the feeling of who suffering until you live same situations. And we hope to help the Gaza youth and provide them enough vacancies jobs in all fields , and activate the role of them in the society to make changes and developments in all aspects of live.

By,, Omar All hawajri
Social Activist