الثلاثاء، 17 نوفمبر 2009

Youth Migration from Gaza

Every moment , the youth are thinking in migration from Gaza strip, Every day. When I meet youth in any activity they tell me they want to migrate outside of Gaza to any place ,I hear the youth want to migrate , I have many questions in my brain about youth migration from holy land .In fact the majority of youth are thinking to migrate because they are facing a big suffering and miserable conditions as unemployment ,Israeli occupation ,boring life and socioeconomical problems.

First , many of youth after graduations from their universities they stay without jobs for along time and they become depressed and they want to migrate to search for a job and a better life.

Second , every day, many of youth face internal violence and conflicts ,and suffer from Israeli occupation by killing and prisoning .Others become handicapped and the rest of them are forced to migrate.

Third , there aren’t place for interesting environment for youth expect the sea and Gaza Park and they became bored from visiting these places .Also every day is the same ,no changes for the better and there isn’t progress in the socioeconomical development.

Forth , they face poor socioeconomical conditions as the increase of the cost of every things and many youth stay unmarried due to these conditions.

Finally , how much I talk , you cant know the feeling of who suffering until you live same situations. And we hope to help the Gaza youth and provide them enough vacancies jobs in all fields , and activate the role of them in the society to make changes and developments in all aspects of live.

By,, Omar All hawajri
Social Activist

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